Try the celebrity tanning brand of choice, Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN, today and see why all the big celebs are hooked!
Millie Mac all Cocoa Brown Tanned up!!

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter – 1 HOUR TAN


Is a revolutionary, express self-tan that develops into a beautiful.  natural-looking tan in just 1 hour!

Professionaly applied spray tan or buy from my

TANNING STORE to help maintain that spray tan with our very easy to apply, first-of-a-kind formulation , which bcombines hi tech accelerating agents, which are activated upon contact with skin and speed up the tan’s absorption and development, to deliver a rich, cocoa brown tan.


After at least one hour, Cocoa Brown  can be rinsed off!!
The tan will continue to develop for up to three hours, giving a gorgeous authentic, golden-brown tan lasting up to 5 days.
If you prefer a deeper, darker cocoa brown coloured tan you can leave the product on your skin for up to three hours or more and then shower.


Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter - 1 HOUR TAN does not leave the ‘biscuit smell’ associated with traditional fake tan. This smell results from DHA (the active tanning agent in tan) coming into contact with air on the surface layers of the skin. The accelerating ingredients in Cocoa Brown carry the product into the skin, so no DHA is left to linger on the skin’s surface and therefore there is no tell-tale smell.

It contains natural extracts of the deliciously scented Tahitian Gardinia, which leaves a subtle floral fragrance on the skin.


Best of all.........

Cocoa Brown was formulated with all skin types in mind

In particular, Cocoa Brown is great for dry/sensitive skin which contains the highest grade vegetable derived DHA (tanning agent), not the synthetically produced kind, this helps keep the skin hydrate. Ultimeatley, what you’ll notice is how Cocoa Brown’s luxurious formula glides over your skin on aplication.

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Use Sienna X gradual Glowing Self Tan in place of your regular moisturiser and behold a gorgeous, super-natural tan within a matter of hours. One of the best-smelling and most luxurious gradual self-tanners we’ve tried to date.


Cocoa Brown: THE fast tanning solution....its the talk of the town!

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