Sienna X: Express Tanning Mist

Express Tanning Mist with Q10 - 150ml

Perfect for a quick Sienna X tan, our Express Tanning Mist is easy to apply with instant results!

NEW FOR 2013... We've taken our much loved Tanning Mist and infused it with the benefits of anti-ageing Q10. We've also added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, helping keep the skin feeling refreshed and nourished.

Essentially a spray tan in a can, the Mist is perfect for applying an even, flawless tan - or even to top up those parts of the body that are prone to fading faster.

The guide colour has been specially formulated to give you a gorgeous, instant glow while the tan continues to develop underneath. Ready in just 2-4 hours, this Mist has been designed to be easily applied in an even fashion with the 360° nozzle.
  • Details

    Key Features
    * ALL NEW Q10 formulation with additional Aloe Vera and Vitamin E benefits
    * 360° nozzle for improved application
    * Easy to apply spray tan
    * Especially good for retouching areas like face and hands, which are prone to fading faster
    * Gorgeous, instant colour that develops into a deeper, golden tan in 8 hours
    * Tan can be customised by applying second coat if darker shade is required
    * Paraben-free

Daily Star Sunday

‘Sienna X spray tanning makes your skin glow and look naturally sun-kissed’


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‘Q10 Bronzing Mousse – Genius!’


Cosmo Online
‘Sienna X Balance Body Wash is perfect for washing the skin with’


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Grazia Daily
Use Sienna X gradual Glowing Self Tan in place of your regular moisturiser and behold a gorgeous, super-natural tan within a matter of hours. One of the best-smelling and most luxurious gradual self-tanners we’ve tried to date.


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